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artificial realities

In January 2016 the twelfth edition of the East Wing Biennial, Artificial Realities opened at The Courtauld Institute of Art.

Artificial Realities was an exhibition of contemporary artworks that addressed the realm of uncertainty which exists between reality and falsehood. It assembled works into thematic microcosms, themselves dispatched into different rooms as well as transitional spaces.

Each space was inhabited by a selection of works specifically chosen to disorient the understanding of established truths and expand the notion of reality into a zone of indetermination.

With photographs depicting colourful foam explosions in nebulous – yet real – natural environments (Filippo Minelli), repetitious excavations marking their perennial presence over the Courtauld walls (Alan Chandler), doors leading to nowhere (Yonatan Vinitsky) and papier-mâché suspensions performing as the fisheye perception of a fabricated city (Marco Maggi) among fifty other works, Artificial Realities took on the challenge of representing what is both familiar and unfamiliar, often materialising the poetry which exists between these two mental spaces.

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