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East Wing Biennial 13 introduces SURGE, a unique exhibition of student talent.

A glimpse into the future of the contemporary art scene, this year’s exhibition will see the work of emerging artists curated by future directors and curators. Building on the established reputation of the Institute this is a unique opportunity for up and coming artists to exhibit their work at Somerset House open to the public, students and academics alike.

SURGE represents the influx of talent, skill, and creativity that studying artists bring to the contemporary London art scene. East Wing Biennial 13 is looking for reflections on what it is like to be an emerging artist.

We are particularly pleased to announce a selection of events and tours dedicated to the championing of emerging female artists. As an insight into the future of the contemporary art scene, SURGE is dedicated to supporting the incredible artistic talent of women fresh out of the nations top art institutions. Women make up over half of this year’s artists and we are proud to support greater representation for women, especially at this crucial stage of their careers’. This programme will run throughout the openings and demonstrate the vital role that women’s art plays in the contemporary art scene. Further details will be announced over the coming weeks